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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Target Audience

6275Card---Slashers---Incorporated---1---a---a---Paint.jpgOur target audience for our production will be fans of Horror/Slasher films. This audience primarily includes teenagers, however we would rather have a broader target audience of adults as well as teenagers This is because we will be casting older teenagers/young adults and the typical slasher genre would also target young adults.
I have found two important sites on Slasher films; One (The first link) contains a presentation on Slasher films and how they have declined and rose over the years, and the other (The bottom link) is a full overview and description of the slasher genre and the conventions, representations, e.t.c it contains.

                                (Final Girls Have Become Increasingly Common In Slasher Films)

Also, one particular recent slasher shows a great example of how a female audience has been incorporated into this genre, due to the final girl complex. This film is Sorority Row (2009), and is a remake of The House On Sorority Row. This film brought a lot of extra attention due to not only using a majority of female leading cast members, but also incorporating a final girl into the plot. This girl would usually have a strong personality and is usually has key relevance to the plot, and the outcome of the whether good succeeds or fails.

Finally. although I previously stated that we would be targeting teenagers/young adults in our audience, we have established the fact that a wide age range of 15-24 is a good aim for our production. To back up this theory we will be questioning several young adults in the ages of 17-19 (towards the middle of our range) in order to prove that the slasher gene is popular for that age range, this will be posted on the blog when completed.

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