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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

TW - Changes That I Believe Would Have Improved The Production

I believe there are a few changes to the production, 'Oblivious' that can be addressed here, as although I believe the final cut was a success largely, there were some aspects such as scene selection that I believe could have improved.

Firstly, the scene selection was wrong in some places, mainly towards the end of the flm opening. This can be seen at 2:03, where originally we had a scene where the blonde female would walk into the living room, and look out the window, at which point a close up of a mask would be seen which would scare both her and the audience. This was cut and in hindsight I believe it would have had more of the desired effect we were seeking, instead of the same scene but in the kichen, beginning at 1:31. This is because the sound that makes the female jump, a computerized sound, does not add realism and if paid attention to, can be heard to be a fake noise. If we had more time towards the end of the course it would have been wise to re-shoot this and add a real noise, to increase verisimilitude as this small detail is key to the suspense of the opening scene.

Another point about our production is the lack of panning or tracking shots. We reverted to using quick cuts to follow the character's movement, and although this works well an occasional pan or tracking shot would have increased shot variety and possibly if we had incorporated the right angle, could have signified someone watching, which I believe would have been a key feature as the lead would have been 'oblivious' to this fact.

One final change I would have addressed is the repetitiveness of the soundtrack, because although it starts well and provides sufficient tension, we clearly over-used is and it becomes tedious towards the end of the opening, almost ruining the spectacle as the audience become bored with it. To improve this I would remove the soundtrack in some areas, and preferably only use it at the beginning and start of the film opening as this appears common in horro films, as they let the opening scene run it's course due to it usually being heavily significant.