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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Lessons From Microdrama

1. Make a detailed call sheet in order to properly plan what is needed to be shot and when.
2. Film the same scene from more than one angle so you can get the best possible shot.
3. Possibly use a narrative or voiceover to aid the audience.
4. Do not film a conversation with the camera, take multiple shots if you want to cut between the conversation.
5. Choose location wisely so that it fits the scene and you get the best possible end product.
6. Do not needlessly zoom in on certain parts in scenes, keep the same level of zoom for the whole shot unless necessary.
7. Sound effects can be added whilst editing and are not necessary to create while filming.
8. Always use the camera stand in order to get a steady shot, unless a handhold shot is wanted.
9. Tell each person in the shot what to do so there is no confusion and it can run smoothly.
10. Parts of shots can be cut out, so keep the camera running for a short time before and after the shot, so you definitely know it is filming.

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