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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Feedback Received Regarding Our Rough Cut - WS

Audience Feedback

After completing filming about a week and a half ago, we have edited the footage into a rough cut. Having done this, and recieved feedback, a number of problems have been spotted. In reaction to feedback, we have decided to change our idea and re-write a new story, although some aspects may be carried through. This may seem like an over-reaction, but we see it as necessary to incorporate the feedback, which the whole group agrees with.

The main points we have picked up on through Audience Feedback are:
  • Not to use shots with jerky movements (such as our panning shots). This loses us marks. We were advised that, if we want to attempt panning shots, to also shoot a still shot in case the shot goes wrong.
  • Try and get Close Ups and Extreme Close Ups on key things (such as holding hands, unlocked doors etc.)
  • Use shorter takes as they are more common in Slasher films, as well as helping the actors (long takes can be hard for amateur actors)
  • Get the Boyfriend character out the way quicker. This would be beneficial as it gives us longer to build up the tension with the girl alone, whilst still having the signs of sexual activity.
  • More variety in camera shots/angles/distances. Vary our shot types more to make the production more interesting on screen and to also give subtle signs to the audience (for example; close up on key objects and long shots to set the scene - establishing shots).
  • Maybe make use of a phonecall to build suspension. We also knows this works in Slasher films from watching films such as "When A Stranger Calls" and "Scream".
We will now look at ways to improve our idea based mainly, but not entirely on Audience Feedback. We will post again when we have improved ideas and when we have a new date for filming.

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