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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Filming Review - Thursday 10 February - WS

Last Thursday we re-filmed our project. We are yet to edit it, but hopefully we have everything we need to make our film the best it can be. We shot more shots than we believed necessary, and re-shot most scenes. We also took into account feedback we recieved from our original rough cut, such as avoiding the use of panning shots. 

Obviously, throughout filming you are goinng to encounter problems that you have to overcome. The biggest problem, and the most frustrating was that the cat we were going to try and use for a false scare was not too happy about being used and kept running away before we could film the shots. After attempting to get this shot a number of times it became apparent that this was not going to work. We quickly decided on an alternate scare, where we stuck the killers mask behind some curtains. When 'Amelia' draws back the curtains the mask is on the window and provides a scare that way. This may be badly done as it was quite difficult to do but hopefully it will be good for us to use in our film. We do however think that coming up with this idea on the spot when under pressure shows that our group are confident and are willing to take on challenging shots/ideas.

The second problem for us was that we had to film the killing scenes ahead of some other scenes with 'Amelia' downstairs. 'Amelia' washes her face in the killing scenes, which could have been problematic as the Actresses make-up could have, but fortunately did not, run. This could have been quite bad for continuity but fortunately this was not the case. 

We didn't have any other problems of note fortunately, and the filming appears to be a success. If any further problems are discovered during filming, then I will update the blog again.

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