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Sunday, 20 February 2011

WS - Plot Overview - Oblivious

To fully understand how and why what happens in our opening happens, we needed to see and decide how the film as a whole would unfold and develop. Below is an overview of what we planned would happen if we were to make this into a whole film:

  • Carl, the boyfriend in the opening scene, is been set up for the killings of many males and females throughout the rest of the film. This is the reason why the killer is using Carl's phone to call Amelia. Although we don't see this, it is not Carl on the other end of the phone, although it is supposed to seem like it is him.
  • The reason Amelia, the Scream Queen in our opening, is killed is to implicate Carl in all the other killings. From watching Slasher films such as Scream, we realised that there is often at least one person who all the evidence points towards been the killer. In our film this person is Carl (in Scream for example, there is Cotton Weary, Sidney's father etc). Another reason for Amelia been killed is of course the fact that she is a Scream Queen and has been participating in sinful acts such as drinking alcohol and having sex.
  • We decided to make our killer like a psychopath who, after watching and enjoying Slasher films, has decided to make his very own film. The reason we decided that they would be a psychopath is that it gives you no limits to how far they are willing to go. They show no mercy or conscience, which is much scarier than having a killer who feels bad for what they are doing!
  • If the film was to develop further, a Final Girl would be introduced. The Final Girl would actually be Carl's sister. However, we thought that if this did happen, we would have used a typical Scream Queen type actress to portray her. The reasons for this would be to make the audience feel like she was going to be killed at any moment, but just managed to escape at the last minute, providing high levels of tension. This would also allow us to incorporate Counter-Types into our film. Carl's sister would believe that Carl is actually innocent.
  • We also decided that our film would end with Carl and his sister confronting the real killer, after they are trapped by the man. A fight between them would ensue before the killer would eventually be killed. Of course it would not be simple to kill the killer, as it always takes a huge number of stab wounds, falls, gunshots, bangs to the head and a lot more to kill a Slasher film killer!
We believe that the above storyline would have provided us with enough to make a full film, given the chance. We are also confident that we could have made this film exciting and quite a typical Slasher, with enough opportunities for conventions of the genre such as false scares, killings with strange and dangerous weapons, and of course, lots of punishment for those that commit sins!

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