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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Analysis And Inspiration From The Book 'A New Heritage Of Horror' By David Pirie

In this book Pirie writes about many things involving Gothic cinema, however one thing I found particularly interesting was in Chapter 10, p201. Pirie writes that 'Indeed some of my favourite shots both here (Vampyres) and in Symptoms contains no people at all but are just subjective shots from cars as the headlights  pierce rain-soaked wooded drives.'

I believe that these type of shots from these two films could prove to be great inspiration for our own production, titled Oblivious. We intend to begin the production with an establishing shot of a house, where the rest of our production will be set, and I believe using a blank, silent shot of the house in darkness, with only the diegetic sound of rain to be heard would work extremely well in setting the scene and providing an eerie atmosphere. We could also replicate the car headlights, by instead, using a lantern to provide the only lighting seen, aside from lights from inside the house.

This idea would work well in my opinion because the combination of heavy rain, silence and darkness immediately gives an audience a sense of tension and nervousness which would continue throughout the rest of our production. Also, I believe it could work well as an establishing shot as it shows a good view of the whole outer setting of our production, and also sets the tone for the rest of it.

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