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Monday, 31 January 2011

TW - Company Identification Update

We have decided to film and then edit our identification short productions as this will maximize he quality of what we aim to achieve.

For 'Jagged Edge Productions' we have chosen to film a knife either going across the camera at a quick speed, with the words 'Jagged Edge' either following or being placed on the knife so the audience can blatantly see the title, or we will be using a knife with blood dripping off it, and with one of the drips it will hit a surface and spread, with 'Jagged Edge" inside the droplet.

'Hawk Eye Distributions' will contain an eye, and when the eye blinks, it will no longer contain it's pupil, it will contain the distribution title, 'Hawk Eye'.

After filming these we will upload the footage and customize them through Garageband, Livetype and possibly even Final Cut.

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