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Friday, 14 January 2011

Company Identification: Why We Used Them

Jagged Edge Productions
We are deciding to use this name because it is an adaptation of a commonly used term 'Cutting Edge' which is used to describe something innovative and new. Also, we chose this because we believe it will be easily recognizable, and finally because a 'Jagged Edge' could be a slang term for a knife or sharp object. A knife will be used a the method of killing the victim in our slasher production 'Oblivious' so 'Jagged Edge' seemed fitting.

Hawk Eye Distributions
We decided on this because it can be easy to create a logo for, and the name is also memorable and eye catching. This took little time to decide on as we thought using an animal would give a different spin to our company, and Hawk Eye is recognizably distinct-able.

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