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Monday, 17 January 2011

Inspirational Footage For Our Production From The Film 'The Strangers'

Some key moments in our production have been inspired from the 2008 film entitled 'The Strangers'.

Director: Bran Bertino (Further Info can be found on the following link: Bryan Bertino: Further Info)
Budget: $10m (Estimated)
Box Office/Gross: £4m (UK). $52.5m (USA)

The first scene of inspiration is from 2:45 to 2:55 in which the main female character, named Kristen, is inside the house and suddenly several loud bangs on the front door can be heard. This prompts her to hurriedly look for her phone in order to ring her partner James as he is currently out buying cigarettes.

We believed this short scene would be a good idea for our production because it provides a lot of suspense and only diegetic sound is needed to communicate this scare. Also, this allows the audience to realise that something is not right and that someone or something is outside disturbing the original equilibrium (The woman being completely OK and about to go to bed).

The second scene we used for inspiration is from 8:52 to the end of the footage (10:00). This scene shows that Kirsten is being harassed by loud banging on the door amongst other things. However, the most important part of this scene that we would be using for inspiration is when the music player suddenly begins playing and is caught in a loop, throughout all the harassment Kirsten endures.

We believed the music being stuck on a loop in this scene would be a good idea for our film as it provides a more sudden, fast paced type of tension, so that it gives the audience a good idea of what it would be like to be in that sort of situation, and how everything would happen in what seemed like a short period of time due to the anxiety and sheer terror Kirsten is in.

As an embed code was not available for the video I chose, here is a link to the video :

The Strangers Part 3 (Key scene of inspiration)


  1. good to see the links between viewing + your idea made clear, tho' does this post reflect what was discussed in class today? images, hyperlinks etc?!
    take the opportunity to flex your semiotic muscles! use specific media language in detailing which aspects, beyond narrative passages, are influencing: shots, editing, sound, mise-en-scene; whatever it may be. and enable your blog reader visualise this by using screenshots and/or BRIEF sample scenes using VLC

  2. i also meant to add: think about post titles; this is a little long, and so appears with '...' on the post list, meaning its not clear what its about
    perhaps simply: Key Influences: "The Strangers"
    also...who directed/year/budget (always relevant to know if its low budget - as yours is - plus UK or US) etc?


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