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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Characters We Require and Casting

Our production contains 3 characters:

Firstly we need a young girl aged between 17-19 who is to be killed in the film. This means we will need an actor with a good portrayal of a week character type and can also perform shock in an extremely realistic fashion.

The second character we need is a young man, again aged 17-19 who would play a small role in the film, which would be leaving the girl's house before the killer begins to taunt and scare her. We do not have any real preference for whom we shall cast for this part as it is only a small role and the portrayal will not effect the outcome of our film in any way

The third character we need is the killer. We are planning on masking or hiding the killer's face as this is a typical convention of a horror/slasher film, with the killer being revealed towards the end of the film. Because we are only producing a film opening our killer will remain hidden so the only thing we will be looking for when casting is a tall person so it shows power which is important and another convention in the slasher genre, that the killer has power over his victims.

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