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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Filming Arrangements

We have currently produced a storyboard (showing the basic outline of our story) and we are currently producing a call sheet that will provide us with in-depth information on the shot types we intend to use, the locations, and the order they come in.
We are aiming to film week commencing 10th January - 24th January if needed, however we predict that filming should be finished by the end of the week; January 17th.
Any alterations to our plan will be posted as followed.

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  1. from a quick scan...
    where's the storyboard you mention?! scan it in and upload it!! after you film, you can add notes and upload this too
    take care with the presentation of the blog - you've got bits of tiny text for example, and need to work on a greater visual/multimedia aspect
    make sure too that the links from your reading/viewings to your ideas and plans are made clear


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