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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Initial Coursework Ideas - 'Oblivious'

Our working title: 'Oblivious'
After researching the name 'Oblivious' on imdb, I found out that there are two short films under the name and a TV show that ran in 2001.
One short film was released in 2001 and directed by Ozgur Uyanik (given a 4.1 rating on imdb). The second one was released in 2010 and directed by Tomasz Zadurowicz, it does not have a rating on imdb.
We have now decided that this will be our working title given that there are no exact matches on imdb or other aspects of media (music, TV series, radio stations etc.) that go under this name. Although, there has been several films under the name of 'Oblivion', this is similar to our name but not as close as too cause a confusion.
My group for the coursework consists of Jem, Will and myself. All three of our pitches were for a slasher, so we decided that we would try and combine our three ideas. This way we could develop our idea to it's utmost potential and also could adapt our final idea to suit each of it's creators.
Our final, initial idea is;
- a boy and a girl are alone in a modern household.
- there are strong implications that the two are sexually active and have consumed reasonable amounts of alcohol (this is obviously a sin!)
- the boy then abruptly departs, leaving the girl alone in quite a dark house.
- the girl turns everything off, lights, music etc. and decides to go to bed.
- the music turns it self back on (seemingly) and gets stuck in a 'loop'
- this obviously freaks the girl out, she then hears a loud bang/knock on the door, she looks through the window to see who/what is there, using various shot types, a masked face/villain suddenly appears.
- this sends the girl into shock and she stumbles backwards, falling over a table or chair and bangs her head, hard on the floor.
- she will be then be 'blurring in and out of conciousness' using effects and a POV shot.
- the hooded, masked villain who scared her initially, slowly approaches.
- he gets closer with every 'blink' as the girl remains to keep conciousness but she is petrified by fear.
- the villain is then stood directly over her, holding a long, glistening knife.
- the scene ends as a knife comes crashing down towards the girls chest.
- it will then cut to black.

This is the basic, finalised idea for our coursework, however I'm sure adaptations will be made to make the film better and so that it can be more easily done.

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