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Thursday, 27 January 2011

TW - Mise-en-Scene and Props

In our production we only need several props, however they all of extreme importance.

The first, and most important prop is a knife, which is what the killer will use to murder his victim. We had to be careful whilst filming however as this was a real knife and we did not want to harm cast members.

The second prop we need is a mask for the killer, as we intend for his identity to be revealed. We have evidence that this technique will be successful as it has already become a proven method for narrative enigma, in films such as Scream and Halloween.

The third prop we need is several alcohol bottles to imply that the couple in our production has been drinking, which is a sin and also points toward sexual activity, which is also regarded as another sin.

The fourth prop we require is a music player as a key scene in our film is when music is mysteriously playing from the music player, this is a scene that is paying homage to The Strangers, although in our production, the music is only mysteriously playing, not caught in a loop to show how the scene is frantic, like in The Strangers.

Lighting is another aspect of mise-en scene in our film, as we require some lighting, although there are scenes when there is intentionally no light. In on scene we even differ from light, to no light, to act as a scare to the girl, named Amelia in our production.

Finally, we will be using typical clothing, with the female wearing some slightly 'smutty' clothing to represent the sin of sexual activity to incorporate verisimilitude, with even the killer wearing only a mask outside of typical teenage clothing,although he will be wearing dark clothing to represent he is evil so people will believe that our plot could actually take place.

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